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Sunwest  Highlights Local Florist - Designer

Das Blumenreich "The Floral Kingdom",  a company birthed out of 20 years of corporate, retail design and event experience - focusing on your unique everyday lifestyles. 


We recommend talented designer, Merritt Mahre, formerly Kameo Flowers & Events of Yakima WA,  Current Affairs, of Honolulu, HI and J'Adore Floral Designs, of  Honolulu, HI.       Merritt launch's into new horizons of uncharted territory, creating new design opportunities and community relations all complimented by his unique character and sense    of style!!! 

Das Blumenreich is a greater PNW design company offering floral and interior design services that reflect European and contemporary trends. We are not only excited about this new beginning but also reach out in faith to the awesome expansive future set before us!!                                .......Merritt Mahre

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